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Defense Medical Examinations – Free Pre-Exam Legal Consultation

In any event, the "Defense Medical Examinations", called "Independent Medical Examinations" by the insurers, are usually the prelude to you having your insurance benefits terminated. These doctors and their staffs are frequently hired by insurance companies, and they know that if they do not write the report the insurance company wants, they will not get any more of these referrals, which are quick, easy money for the doctors.

I thoroughly counsel and prepare my clients for these exams, which are traps for the unwary. My job is maximize the benefits for my clients, and to minimize the harm that insurance companies and other adversaries can do to them.

I am so concerned about the cynical use by insurance companies, of the medical certifications of medical doctors, that I will make this offer to you:

As long as you are not represented by another attorney, and do not have a lawsuit pending, I will counsel you without charge, on how to conduct yourself in a defense medical examiner’s office.

If you already have a lawyer, it would be improper for us to communicate, and you should ask your lawyer to get you properly prepared for the defense medical exam (DME). If your lawyer is ready to send you into the DME without careful preparation, you should ask him why they do not think preparation is needed for a DME, when it could completely torpedo your claim, and leave you penniless.

Your benefits may still be terminated by your insurance company, even after a DME for which you are properly prepared; that is the whole reason insurance companies are willing to pay for these opinions.

However, if you handle yourself properly at the defense medical examiner’s office, you will have given the insurance company the cooperation you promised them, without helping the insurance company cut you out of the no-fault insurance benefits you have paid for.

Again, if you do not have a lawyer, and are not in suit, I will give you a free consultation before your insurance company-sponsored examination.

Learn more about Michigan No-Fault Insurance Laws & Protections.

Typically, health insurance pays “primary” to no-fault, meaning that the health insurer pays first, and any remaining unpaid accident-related expense should then be paid for by no-fault.  This is called “coordination of benefits”. There are exceptions to this for “ERISA-qualified plans”, discussed below.
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I cannot stress enough the importance of cooperating with your insurance company, before you have to hire me as your attorney. If you do have to hire a lawyer, he/she (or I) will be your contact with the insurance company.
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Sometimes, there are potentially more than just one insurance company, who might be responsible to pay your no-fault benefits.  Specific rules, allocating this responsibility are set forth in MCLA §500.3114, in order, more or less as follows:
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