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General Rules for Slip & Fall Accident Claims in Michigan

Accidents occurring on others’ premises (including “slip and fall” matters), are often called “premises liability matters”.

It bears mentioning that just because an accident takes place on someone else’s property, does not mean that the property owner is liable, a word that means legally responsible.  

Under Michigan law, a landowner’s responsibility to someone injured on their property will depend on the injury victim’s status on the property.


The highest duties of care, are owed to “invitees“, persons who are on the property, to conduct business with, or for the benefit of the landowner.


The next category of persons are called “licensees“, more commonly referred to as social guests. Some cases that would resolve in favor of an invitee, would go against a licensee, simply because the property owner does not have as high a duty to be careful toward licensees, as he/she does toward an invitee.


The third and final category are “trespassers“, and you do not need to be a lawyer to know what a trespasser is, and what a landowner’s duty is toward him/her

Typically, there must be an identifiable hazard, that the property owner actually knew about, or one that had been present for so long, that the property owner should have known about it.

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